Monday, March 7, 2011

The Hood

I know that I'm very late in posting about knitting the hood of my cape.  I finished it around the first of February, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to take a picture of it yet.

I knitted the beautiful cables for the facing, being touched by the story of Meggie and Micheala and their love for each other.  I cried when I read the story, it touching my heart so tenderly.  I cried over the beautiful story of Mam's boxes, knowing that each of her gifts meant more to the recipients than anything "store bought" could ever have meant.  I remember how my Mom's parents didn't have a lot to give at Christmas, especially with 16 grandchildren, so they would fix lunch bags for each one of us that had an apple, an orange and some hard and soft candy along with peanuts that my Grandpa grew each summer.  We always loved getting those bags and didn't care if there was a "real" gift (what our friends always told us that their Grandparents gave them) or not.  To us, those bags were extra extra special.  They came from Grandma and Grandpa's hearts.

I used one chart of the boxes set in a stockinette hood to offset the beautiful Angels on the back of the hood.

I lost my Grandfather on my Pop's side Labor Day of 1977.  He was my world, my Hero and my Teddy Bear.  I knew that whatever bad happened, he'd always be there.  I know he's still here with me.  My Husband, kids and I live in his house.  He's protected us over the years that we've lived here and made sure that we knew whenever something was about to happen in the house.  He's warned me when the fuses were about to blow and caught a dresser and gently lowered it onto my oldest daughter's bed when my son decided that it looked like it'd be fun to use it as a stepladder while I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, then helped me to lift that dresser off of my Son.  Thank God that my Son wasn't hurt and didn't have a single scratch on him.  My Grandpa is represented by the top Angel on my hood.

When Pop died in January, he became my Angel too.  I know he's watching over me and my kids.  I can feel him still with me and know that the night before his Memorial Service, he showed me that he was with okay.  I know that he's in Heaven.  My Sister-in-Law and I spent the night with my Mom that night and as I was waiting to fall asleep, I saw the light in Pop's closet turn on and off very quickly and knew that he must be checking on us.  I've heard him several times when I've been in their house since then.  He's the second Angel on my hood.

I haven't had the chance to talk about the hood until now and as I sit typing, I'm continually wiping tears as they flow freely.

Each of Meggie's stories touch my heart and hopefully knitting her story and relating it to my life will help me to heal a little more with each stitch.

It's getting a little easier to think about Pop's passing, but there are days when I seem to break into tears at the drop of a hat.  Everyone has always told me that I'm "soft-hearted".  I know that I am, that can't be helped.  I'm so glad that Meggie's story has touched my heart and everyone else's that is knitting along with her.

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